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My way of choosing email programs

This is just another article about how to get your emails managed in a graceful way. Here is my former way of dealing with them: I choose Gmail as my primary email service provider, and use the online Gmail web page for managing most of the emails – view and move to trash. As for […]

Covert GBK/BIG5 encoded ID3 tag to UTF8

For Chinese Linux users, we may meet many mp3 files with GBK/BIG5 encoded ID3 tags, which are very time consuming to change them to UTF8 one by one. Before using the following solution, please confirm that you won’t use media players on Windows that cannot handle UTF8 encoded ID3 tags correctly, and you won’t use […]

Ubuntu Desktop Course Chinese version for Lucid released!

Thanks to the great work done by the team, we can release this desktop course for spreading Ubuntu in Chinese. Here is the project homepage: http://people.ubuntu.com/~happyaron/udc-cn/ We have released both HTML and PDF. Also, Docbook format is available.

Ubuntu China LoCo Team resigning and nomination meeting

Yesterday, we held a meeting about Ubuntu China LoCo Team resigning and nomination, and talked a lot about our LoCo team’s future activities. Meeting minutes: 1.What is Ubuntu loco contact? [happyaron] 2.Vote for new loco contact, and the new contact decided is Eleanor Chen. (10 Pros, 0 Cons, 4 not voted) 3.Discussed about FullCircle China […]

Covert flac to mp3

Some time we have to use mp3 format because our moveable devices commonly don’t support flac/ogg, thus I need to convert a .flac file to mp3. It’s very simple: First of all, install flac and lame package from your distribution’s repository. Then, using the following command to actually covert the file. 1.flac -d filename.flac This […]

Lucid release party in Beijing!

Ubuntu China LoCo Community is going to host a party at 2:00 PM, on May 8th in the Traktirr Russian Restaurant, Beijing, in order to celebrate the release of Ubuntu 10.04 LTS. Everybody, from newbie to hacker, is warmly welcomed. We will invite some people to give lectures about Ubuntu, but what is truly important […]

Simplified Chinese version of Ubuntu Desktop Course

After a period’s work, Ubuntu Desktop Course has been translated to Simplified Chinese, the content has already adapted to 9.10, most of them are ready for 10.04. We are happy to announce this to public and wish this course can help more people who speak Chinese enjoy and share Free Software. HTML view: http://people.ubuntu.com/~happyaron/udc-cn/ PDF […]

Getting NetworkManager work with pppoe connection on Ubuntu 9.10

When Ubuntu 9.10 releases, pppoe connection via NetworkManager is impossible because some bug in it. So I switched to the traditional but workable way – pppoeconf, now the problem seems to be solved when using nm team PPA, so I plan to turn back. But during my process, there are some other problems. Firstly nm […]

Come with Karmic!

Hi planet, I am finally part of Ubunu Member at the point we are releasing Karmic, cheers for myself and everybody!

Boosting network for your PC – DNS settings

Do you think your web browser is not so fast as you expected? I decide to write a series of articles to support you speeding up your network. Follow me to tune your settings and get joys surfing the net! This article is written on Linux, especially I am using Ubuntu 9.04, but I will […]

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