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My degree: Electronic Engineering with Computing

So I got my degree result: Masters with Distinction (1st class). I even won a prize. Today is going to be a good day.

Phew! More kernel hacking!

More proposed updates to thinkpad-acpi were submitted today:  thinkpad_acpi.c |  387 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++—  thinkpad_acpi.h |   53 +++++++  2 files changed, 426 insertions(+), 14 deletions(-) With the patch I've just proposed, the mute and volume up/down buttons get mapped to the hardware mixer, and this mixer is exposed through ALSA. This means that when you press the […]

My day off and kernel hacking.

I've just posted a patch to fix the toshiba_acpi kernel driver to emit INPUT events when the fn hotkeys are pressed. This means that the hardware works out of the box, and integrates nicely with KDE and GNOME without using oddball uinput-injecting system daemons such as FnFX to do the userspace polling. This also obsoletes […]

Kernel driver for 3000 class lenovo

I've started to create a kernel driver for my 3000 series lenovo, to try and sort out some of the brokenness. At the moment, the driver just polls a bit of memory (0xb9) on the embedded controller and emits a KEY_BRIGHTNESS_XXX INPUT event when it changes. It also expresses a backlight class for the panel, […]

Backlight Brightness Fun

GNOME Power Manager trunk now does more with your backlight: Interactions… You'll notice the interactions are both subtle and complex. Three significant new features: Actually using the ambient light sensor on the Macbook Pro Optionally using an integrated laptop webcam to sense ambient brightness Learning when to dim on idle. Using the webcam is more […]

More suspend help…

More updates to the pm-utils and hal-info suspend pages. Ubuntu, Foresight, OpenSUSE, do you want to join the party?

IBM Customer Services

My new battery for my Lenovo arrived this morning. It works, and I'm happy. I might have bitched quite a bit about LENOVO in the past, but the IBM customer services experience was fantastic. I think the longest I was on hold was a couple of minutes, and they sorted out the courier to swap […]

Fedora Core 7 and Sleep Quirks

If you are using Fedora Core 7 or Mandriva Linux 2007 Spring and suspend does not work, then please see these pages.This should explain how the new hal-info + pm-utils system works, and also has the start of a pseudo-interactive suspend debugger. Comments welcome.

Unfuck my keyboard (from the PFY)

Yesterday I send a patch to hal-devel describing a patch to add nvram polling to HAL to abstract the buttons. I did this basically for comments, and so people can try the addon and see if nvram polling worked for them. And then, feeling less dirty, I wrote a kernel patch. I want to convert […]

Last exam

Today I finished my university education. I took my last ever exam (which went well) – I can't believe I've finished my masters. I think my blood pressure must have dropped 10mm. For the next few days I'm off-grid, relaxing. On Monday I start work for a couple of months with Red Hat UK, so […]

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