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PackageKit self checks

PackageKit is quite a complicated code base. As with all my projects, there is a substantial self check framework that’s designed to catch bugs and regressions before we push releases. This was something enforced by my previous employer, but I’m sure it’s a good idea for any non-trivial code base, and it’s something I’ll continue […]

Installing codecs with PackageKit

Totem wants codecs. It asks PackageKit to install some codecs. This is the first UI that is shown, and isn’t ideal at all. Has anybody got any suggestions for better explainations and wording? Thanks! what I’ve got so far…

T61 hda_codec

If anyone is using the latest Fedora 9 kernel on a T61, and their audio device has disappeared, worry not. It’s a kernel regression and is fixed upstream, and should be fixed when we get the next kernel update out.

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