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Accidental blanking and gnome-power-manager

Okay, after having F11 g-p-m blank the screen on me whilst watching some short videos in totem yesterday, I got really angry. It seems lots of other people feel the same way. I’ve audited all the IDLETIME code in gnome-power-manager multiple times, and when I’ve run it in a console and watched the output, it […]

Firefox plugin woes

The PackageKit browser plugin hasn’t had a lot of love recently. It was written in C++ a few months ago by Owen, but started to bitrot over the last few xulrunner releases. I’ve spruced up the code, and ported everything to C (using GObject where possible) and now it all seems to work with one […]

Updating shared libraries

I want to add functionality to PackageKit to detect when a new version of a shared library is installed, and there are applications still using the old version that no longer exists. We can then inform the user if they need to restart the computer or log off and back on if the library was […]

GConf schema translator comments

Has anyone got any examples of how to include translator comments in GConf schema files? Thanks.

HALectomy of gnome-power-manager complete

This morning I committed a rather largish (23 files changed, 28 insertions, 1551 deletions) patch: commit f884a1ae954d14928a6a7055d4d4b182fbb2a3bc Author: Richard Hughes <> Date:   Fri Jul 3 13:49:05 2009 +0100     HAL is no longer a dependency of gnome-power-manager This means that gnome power manager in git master no longer needs HAL to compile or run. This […]

Dell Mini 10v and the touchpad of death

The Dell Mini 10v does have a very nice keyboard. But then it also has a very bad mousepad. The buttons are actually on the trackpad, so if you click you end up moving, or if you’re dragging you end up shooting across the screen. Pain. Anyway, there’s a fairly nice workaround by setting the […]

Dell Mini 10 and BCM4312

I’ve just been bought a Dell Mini 10 by my employer, Red Hat. I’ve wiped Ubuntu, and installed Fedora 11 on the machine, as it’s what I’m familiar with, and the kernel seems to be a bit more up to date than what it came with. Kudos to Dell for shipping with any Linux, I’m […]

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