HALectomy of gnome-power-manager complete

This morning I committed a rather largish (23 files changed, 28 insertions, 1551 deletions) patch:

commit f884a1ae954d14928a6a7055d4d4b182fbb2a3bc
Author: Richard Hughes <richard_at_hughsie.com>
Date:   Fri Jul 3 13:49:05 2009 +0100
    HAL is no longer a dependency of gnome-power-manager

This means that gnome power manager in git master no longer needs HAL to compile or run. This is a quite a significant moment, as now it relies just on the thriving DeviceKit* stack, rather than the old lumbering HAL.

Just a word of warning: You’ll need DeviceKit-power 009 (released in a few days time) if you want to use g-p-m in git master without loosing your ability to change your backlight, or to set the lid action preferences. It’ll still compile with 008, but 009 is very much recommended.

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Richard has over 10 years of experience developing open source software. He is the maintainer of GNOME Software, PackageKit, GNOME Packagekit, GNOME Power Manager, GNOME Color Manager, colord, and UPower and also contributes to many other projects and opensource standards. Richard has three main areas of interest on the free desktop, color management, package management, and power management. Richard graduated a few years ago from the University of Surrey with a Masters in Electronics Engineering. He now works for Red Hat in the desktop group, and also manages a company selling open source calibration equipment. Richard's outside interests include taking photos and eating good food.

2 thoughts on “HALectomy of gnome-power-manager complete”

  1. Is it enough to upgrade from devicekit-power 008 to 009 after installing gnome-power-manager 2.27.3, or does g-p-m also needs to be built against version 009 to set the backlight?

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