Dell Mini 10v and the touchpad of death

The Dell Mini 10v does have a very nice keyboard. But then it also has a very bad mousepad. The buttons are actually on the trackpad, so if you click you end up moving, or if you’re dragging you end up shooting across the screen. Pain.

Anyway, there’s a fairly nice workaround by setting the System->Preferences->Mouse values to “Scrolling: disabled” and enabling “Mouse clicks with the touchpad“. All you have to do then is remember not to click the physical buttons, but tap instead. Not perfect, but saves you wanting to hurt someone. Bug for a proper fix is filed here.

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2 thoughts on “Dell Mini 10v and the touchpad of death”

  1. I totally agree with you: it seemed to be a good idea on paper, but it is just impossible to use. I just cannot perform any drag & drop correctly with this touchpad. I hope the bug will be fix, that would be the end of a lot of frustrations…

  2. I could not agree more, just got my mini love it, all except the touch pad. Please dell get a fix soon. And a few software bugs but I am working those out. Spent 2 hrs trying to tweak the mouse =, no better.

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