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Sat 24 Jul 2004

mime: Dave Camp, Ray Strode and I spent last week struggling with the MIME system. We made some headway (or at least managed to get a release out). Next week, we tackle monitoring. And fixing bugs. And ABI problems. shadows: After chatting with Matthias last week, I decided to try to put together a visual […]

Thu 22 Apr 2004

mime: Seth and I spent some time today discussing the “Open with…” dialog. It’s not a very exciting dialog, and I was pretty uninspired doing it. Still, I updated the proposed MIME spec when done and am ready to get back to implementing it.

Mon 03 Mar 2003

GTK+: Spent a couple days this week getting the GtkTreeView to work in a RTL locale. It was the last major widget in need of support added – though it showed some RTL bugs in other widgets. As an added bonus, I also got column expanding working, which should make Seth very happy. I’m pretty […]