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Fri 19 Dec 2003

intltool: Brian Cameron thinks he may have fixed intltool-merge. That would totally rock if he’s managed to get that working again. sick: I seem to have picked up the flu from someone. If they want it back, they can come by and get it. I don’t really want it any more.

Sun 07 Jul 2002

sick: I’m a bit better, and will try to go to work tomorrow. music: Zana and I got a fantastic new set of speakers a couple weeks ago. Sibelius Symphony no. 3 (performed by the London Symphony Orchestra) was on the radio tonight. It was wonderful to sit back and code to it. bookworm: I […]

Wed 03 Jul 2002

sick: I’m officially quite sick. This is no fun at all. pedant: The singular form of the drink is “gin and tonic.” The plural is “gins and tonic.” Google finds “gin and tonics” winning over the correct plural form 4870 to 76. It even helpfully offers up “guns and tonic” as an alternative. I’m too […]

Wed 08 Aug 2001

toys: mkj and I got a cool powerball a few days ago. I don’t fully understand how it works. I don’t want to break it, but I do want to know how it lights up. Decisions… work: Meridian Engineers meeting last night, where our new VP tried to work through some scheduling/resource issues. I don’t […]