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Sat 20 Sep 2003

Vacation: By the light of the moon, two tourists left from Boston. On Sunday morning, the warm sun came up and WHOOSH, they arrived in Mexico City. Out popped two very hungry tourists. On Sunday, they ate Tacos al Pastor. But they were still hungry. On Monday, they ate tortilla soup, mole de ciruela con […]

Sat 21 Jun 2003

Life (Passings): On a somber note, Steven Taylor has left this world after fatal complications from a sugery. He was one of my co-workers at Red Hat and I didn’t know him very well. I talked to him only occasionally, passing by him in the halls every few days. When things like this happen, I’m […]

Wed 03 Jul 2002

sick: I’m officially quite sick. This is no fun at all. pedant: The singular form of the drink is “gin and tonic.” The plural is “gins and tonic.” Google finds “gin and tonics” winning over the correct plural form 4870 to 76. It even helpfully offers up “guns and tonic” as an alternative. I’m too […]