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Advisory board meetings…

Dear foundation members & Planet GNOME readers The GNOME board of directors meet the advisory board members of GNOME once in every month. They discuss a variety of topics related to GNOME. I had posted a mail on the foundation list about community suggested topics to be included on the agenda for the adboard meetings. […]

anjal-settings capplet & smarter tabs

Email Settings Capplet Thomas posted an awesome blog on GNOME/Moblin control center. Last week or so, I wrote a capplet to fit into the single-window control center. Screenshots below… Screen1: Single window control center shell with Email setttings capplet in it. Screen2: Anjal/Evolution account settings Screen3: Anjal/Evolution account editor Thanks to Matthew for the debonofication […]

Who forked it?

Srinidhi & I made some  GNOME stickers for . We distributed to attendies and some minutes later we observed that our stickers were all sold out and I saw this Didn’t realize when I first say huge sheets of KDE square stickers, why they are for ?

GNOME @ is a very nice and premier event held annually in India and some of the GNOME contributors at India  planned to organize a GNOME day at Dec 5 2009, Saturday is the GNOME Project day and we have planned a bunch of sessions, workouts & talks. I just received few t-shirts for the […]

Tough day today…

Today is my last working day at Novell.  Its my first company from campus and having spent 8.5 years at Novell, it is sad to part away. The last 6 years  with Nat, Miguel, Michael, JP,  Guy, Aaron, Fejj and many more was the best in my career and they all helped me  a lot while […]

Calendars for netbooks!!

Over the last weekend, I was bored and previous friday I had a talk my with nice mentor Michael on calendars for the netbooks. All that triggered me to spend some time during the weekend on this new stuff.  Basically I just hacked Evolution, to make it possible to write an external calendar application to fit […]

Anjal – Moblin updates

Moblin 2.0 is announced, and I can be more open now. Before I start with anything, one thing that I missed last time. The ‘new-ness’, ‘awesome-ness’ of Anjal’s UI, *FULL* credits of the UI design goes to the Intel UI Team, specially thanks Nick Richards, Hylke Bons, and Clarie Alexander. I really donno how many […]

Announcing ‘Anjal’- the new mail for netbooks

What is Anjal? Anjal is a new mail UI created on top of Evolution. It would have a very interesting UI & features, that would make it the very suitable for low memory/processor/resolution devices.  It is Evolution & EDS at the back of Anjal. We have broken down Evolution mail library to a smaller component […]

Evolution 2.24.4 released

It was Saturday morning 2:00 am when I published the tarball. So what’s special? This is the first additional release past the regular stable of GNOME 2.24.3. We saw that the 2.24.x series brought regressions due to the disk summary work. With every stable release we made it better and we thought it might be […]

Back to work from my vacation: Cockroaches on the Train

I just returned today after a 10 day vacation for Diwali. Reaaaly away from mails, blogs, code and now I must have a huuge back log and a release tomorrow ;-). Oh, I took Mysore express  to reach bangalore, which is a 13 hour overnight train ride from my town to Bangalore. I got seats […]