Vim Command of the Day

vim-editor_logo_bigger In the office we have two white boards that where going rather underused. Last week I decided to rectify this by drawing FOSS propaganda on one of them. On the same day, Damien (of Shave fame) happened to show us all a new Vim command we hadn’t used before, so I suggested we start a Vim Command of the Day sheet on the other white board. We’ve taken this into the 21st century as well, so anyone can follow Damien’s encyclopedic knowledge on Vim through the magic of twitter: @vcotwdorso (short for, “vim command of the week day or so”, because Damien didn’t want to be restricted to updating it just once a day)

6 Responses to “Vim Command of the Day”

  1. Neil Roberts says:

    Grrr.. you didn’t mention the Emacs Command of the Day! (@ecotd) I’m not on planet GNOME so I can’t retaliate!

  2. hron84 says:

    The twitter link is invisilble from here… (firefox, vista sp1).

  3. The link to Twitter seems to be busted.

  4. Rick Harding says:

    Love the idea, wish it would have come over to instead though.

  5. C.M says:

    Daily Vim ( has quite a few good tips too.