Quids In

Off to Belfast in the morning for a long weekend. Despite having grown up with pounds and pence in Scotland, digging some out for the short trip up the road from Dublin has made me realise just how old-fashioned they look nowadays.

Still haven’t found what I’m looking for…

My first mildly pleasant weekend for a while passed partly in the company of an actress friend of mine from London. Admittedly she was mostly over in Dublin not to see me, but ageing bland middle-of-the-road popsters U2 at Slane Castle, but it was great to see her again anyway… young, single, gorgeous and talented, we’re a perfect match 😛 (Were it not for the fact she thinks I’m merely “cute” and “sweet”, which are of course a the most illusion-dispelling words in a girl’s armoury.)

Anyway, back to reality, and there’s a surprisingly shallow pile of email to catch up on this sunny Monday morning, so it looks like I may have to spend the rest of it doing proper work. Such is life.