Just Another Day at Sun…

Apparently, a plane was spotted circling a couple of Sun campuses yesterday trailing a “Just Another Day at Red Hat” banner. As one Sun wag put it, the conclusion to be drawn is presumably that a typical day at Red Hat involves going round in circles with your head in the clouds worrying about the launch of Solaris 10 🙂

(Or, as another put it, “So Red Hat has moved from the ‘ignoring Sun’ to ‘laughing at Sun’
stage. On to stage three…”)


Spent my first full day working at home today since I got to the bottom of my VPN/wireless router problems. If Sun had their way I’d probably be doing it three or four times a week, but immeasurably improved as the experience is compared to teleworking over a dial-up connection, I just can’t imagine wanting to do it very often while the office is just a 20 minute drive away.

Those were the days…

This quote made me chuckle:

“They should stay out of this,” said [named employee], a Sun Microsystems employee who attended the rally, who said he depends on money from stock options to pay his mortgage.

Ah, what it must have been to be part of the IT boom… the money from *my* Sun stock options wouldn’t buy a bag of penny caramels 🙂

Private Joke

Apparently our new Sun Ireland intranet site no longer allows us to see all our local colleagues’ mugshots, because doing so constitutes a “privacy issue”. I wonder if they’ll be taking down all our cubicle name plates too, in case we accidentally go round to somebody’s desk and see their face.

Wizard wheeze

Well, I’m still here… the GNOME team at Sun got away without too many casualties, one voluntary and a couple of not-so-voluntary.

Went to see The Proclaimers in town again last night… good show, ended up going on my own though. I did get them to autograph my unused spare ticket, though, so that was always something…

Saw the new Harry Potter movie at the weekend, too… wasn’t bad, pretty faithful to the book, not entirely convinced about the acting abilities of young Harry, though– his school chummies and chummettes were rather more accomplished, I thought. At least Gryffindor are obviously Motherwell fans, judging by their claret and amber scarves

HR, HIG’n’Stuff

*Sigh* Bit of a crummy old time at the moment, what with one thing and another, and the worst is probably yet to come…

On the other hand, sounds like this month’s round of politics has left me unsoiled, and my work on the GNOME accessibility guidelines and Human Interface Guidelines can continue unabated. Whether or not this turns out to be a good thing for either the community or my sanity remains to be seen :o)