GNOME.Asia Summit 2019

Geeko meets Rusa Bawean

Day 0

Day 0, there was l10n workshop with Andika Triwidada (l10n ID Coordinator). There was only a small number of people that attend this workshop. One thing that interesting, there was one participant from overseas that attends this workshop, he is Khairul Aizat Kamarudzzaman ( from Malaysia. He is also a Ubuntu member. We discussed GNOME translation workflow, tips, and tricks.

l10n Workshop

Day 1

I started with manage openSUSE booth because openSUSE also sponsoring GNOME.Asia this year. I only attend one talk, presented by Rahman Yusri Aftian. He talked about Pegon at GNOME. You can read more about Pegon here
I also gave lightning talk about GNOME l10n Indonesia Progress. I reported about the progress of Indonesian that achieves 100% on UI translation. I also invite a newcomer to join the translation team because next GNOME 3.36 code name will be “Gresik” (?)

Pegon at GNOME

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