Snappy GnomeVFS

Motivated by all sorts of rants about GnomeVFS file transfer performance and a bug report I investigated the GnomeVFS Xfer process. A few tweaks vastly improved my sftp file transfer experience (literally by orders of magnitude). Patch, rationale.

6 thoughts on “Snappy GnomeVFS”

  1. Great work! Just locally rebuild current debian unstable package with your patch applied and yeah! The transfer sped up from ~2.7 MB/s to ~5.2 MB/s – wonderfull!

  2. Thank you so much for this! Is the new Gnomevfs sftp speed comparable to direct scp speed?

    This bug has been very painfull for many users of SBackup backup suite for Gnome. I am glad you beat me to fixing it 😀

  3. This looks great… I noticed this in various breezy configurations but of course had no clue about where the trouble was.

    Will this be in GNOME 2.14.1?

  4. Just compared to raw sftp and gnomevfs has still some drawbacks – via sftp commandline client I got 6.3 MB/s.

  5. Dudes, it’s “wonderful” and “painful”. Only “full” gets two “l”… it’s not that hard!

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