Productive Week

Improved GnomeVFS performance, GnomeVFS SFTP symlink support and Nautilus session management. The last one was implemented in response to a user rant within half a day. At least they can’t claim that we don’t work our butts off :).

SFTP policy rant

It’s a PITA to fiddle out the differences of the various (as the current draft’s URI suggests 12!) SFTP drafts. Maybe somebody has the whole history of them, so that we can compile some diffs which can be published on a publicly accessible site? It’s a shame that the version 6 draft is online but for version 3 implemented by OpenSSH no documentation seems to be online anymore on the IETF.


Although spending lots of time on GNOME I as able to complete at least 3/4 university tests (the results of no. 4 are still pending), and for two of them (Maths, Electrophysics) I was under the top 20 out of 600, which is quite pleasing considering how much time I wasted :).

7 thoughts on “Productive Week”

  1. In this case, I wanted to thank you about those living souls who have been responsible for very serious increase of quality in GNOME VFS. It is finally usable AND it is so very handy and helpful for poor admin in everyday’s work that I don’t know even describe how much I owe you, guys.

    In the case to not sound like “yesman” – yeah, there are some issues, like ftp, sometimes ssh gets slow. But it is definetly very useful stuff.

    Keep rockin!

  2. Peteris: Thanks for the feedback, I’d like to share it with everybody who is working on the current GnomeVFS/Nautilus stack, including Christian Kellner, Alexander Larsson and Martin Wehner.

    > yeah, there are some issues, like ftp

    FTP can be very ugly :/. Please provide a detailed description of your problems in our bug tracker, so that we can track down your problems. One big problem is that FTP’s LS output is often totally random, it’s simply “underspecified”, causing much headache like a whole galore of semi-similar random crappy date formats, the fact that it is a text rather than a binary protocol and unfortunately there are many servers and clients around that are written for very special scenarios, that do not really obey the FTP spec [same for http, btw.].

    > sometimes ssh gets slow

    Data encryption is slow, no matter how big we make our buffers or whether we switch to some push&seek transfer mode.

  3. FYI, the ssh slowness might be bug #155872, in which case it should hopefully be fixed soon (there’s a patch appended to the bug)

    So yes, the kneejerk reaction is to say “encryption is slow”, but as that bug shows, the current gnomevfs implementation is an order of magnitude slower than it should be.

  4. I think one problem is window resizing slowliness. It’s not actually GNOME’s fault but Cairo’s (and GTK+’s ?).
    For example if you resize gcalctool and ‘Five or More’ windows you can see the slowliness really well.

  5. I just want to say a big -Thank you- for all the hard work that youve done. The session management will seriously improve my workflow in gnome.

    Gotta love how open source developers do their magic 🙂

  6. With “ssh is slow sometimes” actually I didn’t mean’t transfer error, as very strange long gasps while switching between directories on ssh server. It has happened twice and have gone after some time, or restart. As it was local connection, I rulled out internet problems.

    Anyway, thanks guys for great work.

  7. According to my calculations, at the current exponential rate of increase, you will fix all GNOME bugs by quarter past 2 on Tuesday afternoon. I’m glad we have you.

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