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The GNOME Builder fundraising is about halfway into its timeline, and reached the first funding milestone a few days ago! That’s fantastic news for our ecosystem, which will be able to rely on a great platform to write applications, but the fundraising is not over! There are more milestones to be met, and more money means Christian will be able to implement more features and make the project even more awesome.

I am glad my employer decided to support the project with a conspicuous donation; at Endless we write a lot of applications using the GNOME platform, and we often have faced the same struggles Christian describes about getting new developers started: how do I create or browse documentation? How do I write an UI file and integrate it with my code? How do I create a GResource or talk to a DBus service? What is the most efficient way to debug my application?

The problems Builder is trying to solve are very real and have been slowing down our ecosystem for a long time. People and companies who believe in GNOME and a solid application ecosystem around it should consider contributing to it, whether with money or developer resources!

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#1 kmare on 01.12.15 at 2:53 pm

That’s exactly right! I’ve been struggling to develop for gnome even though I really wanted to. We need tools, documentation, tutorials, examples and even youtube videos. Other platforms like Android, windows, iOS, etc have them and the learning curve is so much smaller. Really glad Endless supported the project and hopefully it will continue to!

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