Developer Experience Hackfest 2016

I’m happy to attend the Developer Experience hackfest, once again in Brussels thanks to our kind hosts at Betacowork.

My focus has been primarily on xdg-app; you can find more coverage on Alex’s blog; I’ve been helping out with the creation of new application manifests, and I’ve been able to add Documents, Weather and Clocks. I’ve also improved the nightly SDK build manifests with a few missing libraries along the way, and added a patch to GeoClue to allow building without the service backend.

I hope to see most of the GNOME applications gaining an xdg-app manifest this cycle, so that we’ll be able to install them as bundles in time for the 3.20 release, now that gnome-software can manage them!

Today, I’m looking forward to spend time with Jonas and Mattias to work on a plan for offline support in GNOME Maps.

I also want to thank the GNOME Foundation for sponsoring my travel, Betacowork again for hosting the hackfest, Collabora for sponsoring food and snacks and my employer, Endless, for giving me the chance to attend.


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#1 DX hackfest 2016 aftermath — drboblog on 02.02.16 at 12:04 pm

[…] Cosimo worked on xdg-app manifests, and also spent some time with the GNOME Maps team working on offline support. […]

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