DX Hackfest in Berlin

This week I’ve been in Berlin for another edition of the DX Hackfest. Lots of very interesting discussions, and it was just awesome to see some familiar faces after a very long time.

Wednesday I worked with Jon and Tomeu on GIR-based developer documentation, improving upon the work that Jasper, Giovanni and others have done in the past. Our goal was to understand the next steps needed to achieve feature-parity with the current docbook-based approach, and how documentation pages fit with distribution, both offline for use in Devhelp, and online. Ideally we would like to use exactly the same HTML content, but this is currently not the case. Jon and Tomeu kept working on this in the past couple of days too, so stay tuned for more updates from them on this topic!

Yesterday I focused myself on GTK work instead. A long standing goal for a while has been removing the GtkThemingEngine subclass from the Adwaita theme and that was blocked mostly on a CSS-based implementation of focus rings in GTK. Benjamin and I agreed on an implementation using CSS outlines, and this has finally landed in GTK master! The rest of the day was spent discussing a roadmap for further GTK development, about which others have blogged.

Today, we kept the discussions focused mostly around GTK, with part 2 of the above roadmap discussion still going on as I type this post. I also kept coding more deprecations for the old focus style properties, to complete the work mentioned above.

I’d like to thank the GNOME Foundation for allowing me to attend this hackfest, and the wonderful guys at EndoCode for the great hospitality at their office!



#1 Stiph on 05.02.14 at 7:40 pm

Thanks for all your hard work! I wish you’d be working fulltime on Gnome… I miss your regular commits, but I’m happy to see you are still involved on things that matters. Keep on rocking! 🙂

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