here’s another good reason to vote ‘yes’ for 7:

no more than 40% of the board may be representatives of a single company. of course, due to the fact that board members come in integer quantities, it’s rarely possible to hit 40% exactly. under the current board size of 11 this means that, at most, 4 people from one company can be on the board (4/11 = 36.4%, 5/11 = 45.5%).

in the pathological case this means that the board can be entirely filled by 3 companies.

with a 7-member board, the greatest possible number of people from a single company has been halved to 2 (2/7 = 28.6%, 3/7 = 42.9%). this means that even with fewer positions, 3 companies could never hold all of the positions on the board. it also means that any single company has less than 1/3 of the seats (whereas before they could have more).

One thought on “seven”

  1. So why not fix the underlying problem, and change the max percentage of the board that can be from a particular company? There may indeed be valid reasons to drop the board size to 7, but this isn’t one of them.

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