mcmaster university – your dollars at work

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  1. I didn’t know that I’m that intolerant about double spaces after each point. . .

  2. I, too, applaude you. I am a student using webct, and constantly see such messages telling me I need IE. It is very frustrating.

  3. Funny, I use webct in my online courses, I’m on number three. I have yet to have any trouble using Epiphany. Seems odd that a university would choose to add a browser specific bug to a page that works otherwise :)

  4. I should also note that MS Word is listed as a prereq for all the classes I have signed up for, yet I have never been given trouble for handing in RTF files (or even Abiword files in a couple of cases)

  5. I use WebCT as well, for many of my classes. I have never seen an error message informing me that I need to use Internet Explorer or even Windows (except for some useless ‘browser tuning’ section that I never bothered with.)

  6. Hey, best of luck to you on that! However, if the subject proves to be a bone of contention, the User Agent Switcher ( ) would be a quick alternative (though you might run into some issues if the site itself actually doesn’t work well with Gecko, which doesn’t seem to be the case based off of other comments).

  7. Hahah, reminds me of the web driven course work at my highschool. With the exception that some parts of it are hideously incompatible with IE6/7, and other parts are completly incompatible with Firefox and other free browsers, and will only work in IE.


  8. Good for you. This happened to me only this week, an IE only test. I was trying to use Firefox and complained to the tutor, who just said “Oh, and I expect you want me to support Opera as well!”.

    And these are the guys doing the *teaching*. No wonder the world’s so screwed…

  9. Way to go dude. Hats off. I really hope things change with the world. And people start respecting the “Freedom of choice”. Cheerio

  10. Nice. But you are forgetting about all the computer labs across your campus that probably run Windows. Doesn’t your tuiton give you access to those? Seems pretty dramatic considering that.

  11. Regarding Charles: At my college, we were required to either lease a laptop from the school, or provide our own. There were public computer labs, but they were designated for students not participating in a laptop programme, mainly. Due to the “Laptop-enabled” focus of our programme, we did not have dedicated labs, or any guarantee of accessing an available computer in such public labs.

    Though we were provided with a Windows XP Professional license on the leased laptops (We needed IIS, unfortunately), we were only given a Windows XP Professional upgrade (from, for example, Home Edition) if we provided our own.

  12. Why don’t you just use one of the one campus computers?
    You obviously pay for those on campus MS computers through your tuition. It takes guts what your doing, but the prof can easily defend his position by saying there are many computers available for you to use.

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