uds gnome chat

one night at uds i was talking with a couple of other hackers around the pool (company, kikidonk and bkor).

two things came out of this conversation:

1 – we want john fleck back on planet. yesterday, if possible.

2 – people should be allowed to have their own usernames on gnome.org (instead of made-up ones that are different than your account name everywhere else). bkor said that, unfortunately, it was not at his discretion to violate the existing policy for individual accounts and recommended that i blog about it.

i’d like to know who created this policy in the first place and who is responsible for reviewing it. i’d like to know if the foundation board has the power to overturn it.

that is all :)

ps: you hear people talk about how funny it is but you don’t realise it until you actually see it in front of you: “this train is for cockfosters”.

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  1. I think it’s a good policy. It doesn’t look very good to the types who wear suits if they’re seeing commits from a person with the username ‘deatheater’. We’re meant to come across as a professional outfit.

    Maybe I’m just lucky because my first name is always unique, but didn’t anyone tell you that having a username like ‘punkrocker69’ to log into your machine stopped being cool in highschool?

  2. i fully agree with your sentiment, but “desrt”, “bkor”, etc. are a far cry from “punkrocker69”.

  3. Glad to hear how you enjoyed the “London Underground” experience! Well, not all trains have a display saying what the next station is. Piccardilly line trains certainly has such a display. I have some station names that bugs me. First, there is nothing Canadian in /Canada Water/ (Jubilee line). /Deptford/ (train) sounds like a depressing place for me (See “Fifth Business” by Robertson Davis). Lastly, the name of cemetery near Mac reminds me of a station bears the same name, /Whitechapel/ (Central line)!

  4. IIRC, the policy was established when started to appear conflicts with names. Probably the famous case happened with our contributors whose first name (and usernames in their own side!) was Carlos (Carlos Perelló, Carlos Garnacho, Carlos García Campos). All of them wanted ‘carlos’ as a username. but only the first one got it. So now we have carlos, carlosg, carlosgc.

    Having a common rule for everyone save time when there are collisions.

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