dear apple

screw you and your pathetic failed attempt to use your ridiculously trendy device to lock its owners into your sorry excuse for music playing software.

i know you’re afraid of the linux desktop eating away at your precious niche market, but at least you could play fair.

the good guys will always win.

8 thoughts on “dear apple”

  1. Agreed. Hopefully Apple will face the same kind of anti-trust charges that Microsoft has, because there is no difference. Apple was seen as lesser evil for so long, simply because they had no impact on any market. Now they are impacting a market, and now we see their true colors.

  2. who cares about that whether Apples latest Hashes were decrypted or not, as long as there are better alternatives with official OGG and FLAC support which work fine with linux? So why not posting some of those instead of still making publicity for apple?

  3. We’re a far way away from always winning. I still can’t listen to most of my iTunes purchased songs on anything other than an iPod (using Apple’s firmware) or iTunes.

  4. While I do think that what Apple did was pretty crappy thing to do, I don’t think that it was done because “Apple is afraid of Linux”. It was most likely done to make all third-party software work less than optimally with the iPod, and that irregardless of whether they run on Linux or some other OS.

    So it was targetted against third-party software-tools that could interact with the iPod, and not against some particular OS. So instead of trying to paint this as an attack against Linux, this could be painted as an attack against Amarok, Banshee and so forth.

  5. Ryan, I have trouble accepting someone who has a gimmick of not using capital letters calling a device “ridiculously trendy”. And your jump to conclusions about the motivation for this – as the last commenter says, the elimination of Linux compatibility could very well be a side effect.

    Now, I do applaud the efforts of those who circumvented the measure (as they’re obviously smart / dedicated people), but I could do without the drama. “Look at what the evil Apple has done to us! Come, Linux users, rise up FOR JUSTICE”.

    Incidents like these (and the reaction they elicit from people) both amuse and anger me. In much the same way as “discussions” about organized religion. Moral of the story? Being an Agnostic Electronics user is the way to go.

  6. Here is the real question, wtfh is the C code in that zip? I’m not about to install something without some readme or atleast a “Hey check this shit out”.

  7. But it’s open – source, so it’s obviously trustworth, ’cause only good and righteous people write free open – source software!

    And hey, there doesn’t need to be documentation – you can just use Google and sift through dozens of threads on message boards to (hopefully) find what you’re looking for!

    In all seriousness though, Ryan posted the hack for bypassing the iPod hash check thingy.

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