cookie to jdub

a name i was thinking about a long time ago and jeff reminded me of

i present to the world:


if anyone has anything negative to say about this name, now would be a good time…

8 thoughts on “cookie to jdub”

  1. Variant would be the correct term in D-Bus (a container that packs the type along with the value) and since GVariants are tied to the D-Bus type system it makes sense.

  2. Err .. it seems to me it’s an INvariant thing ? Or I missed something.
    Plus, you fixed a limit at G+5 chars, remember :)

  3. Doesn’t seem particularly intuitive to me at all, but maybe I’m missing something. Could you explain how it fits the bill?

    There was a good handful of suggestions that actually make sense (to me, at least) in your last post. Oh, and while we’re at it and you did away with the G+5 requirement: GWireValue or GWireVal ;)

  4. I’d love if it’d make the connection to D-Bus and serializing more obvious – those are the 2 primary rasons for its existance after all. But as I have no idea how to put that into 5 letters, I’ll just shut up.

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