1 part federico + 1 part marnanel-musings + 1 part tango experiment + a couple of hours

= icanhasedit.py (very rough concept)

also in git at git.desrt.ca (git-clone git://git.desrt.ca/icanhasedit).

for best effect, set it as the default application for opening text files.

be warned: its saving is non-atomic.

12 thoughts on “icanhasedit?”

  1. Hi.

    So I does has edit right now, and it’s pretty pretty and Good. I also enjoy very much how the chrome is translucent while using the metacity compositor. (/apps/metacity/compositing_manager is beautiful gconfery.)

  2. So does that mean the idea of shading windows is now gone?

  3. KTHXBYE :/

    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File “icanhasedit.py”, line 351, in
    d = Document (sys.argv[1])
    File “icanhasedit.py”, line 325, in __init__
    FrameWindow.__init__ (self)
    File “icanhasedit.py”, line 65, in __init__
    self.set_colormap (self.get_screen ().get_rgba_colormap ())
    TypeError: GtkWidget.set_colormap() argument 1 must be gtk.gdk.Colormap, not None

  4. I get some strange redraw issues when resizing, other than that, v.cool POC :)

  5. Let me be the first to say: Ooooh, shiny.

    Anonymous: I think you’ve come in halfway through a conversation here. The discussion is about whether GTK should be responsible for decorating window frames, or whether Metacity should. If GTK was in charge of doing so, there’s no reason it shouldn’t support everything Metacity currently supports.

  6. Woo, my pet peeve: make gtk+ draw decorations already! I did a C proto-type a couple of years ago, it’s over here:


    and I wrote down a list of pros and cons of the approach here:


    As we start to do more animations and advanced theming, splitting the visual appearance of a window between two independent apps doesn’t work. Yes, we *could* defined wm protocols and window properties out the wazoo to cover entry fields in the title bar, side panes sliding out from the side of the window, but the fast path to these features is to move the decorations to gtk+.

  7. W00t!? One my greatest itches on free desktops being itched!

    Way to go people!

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