two notes on gsettings

1: the gsettings hackfest is on. april 12 – 17 in cambridge mass. see for more information. the goal is to get gsettings stable and merged into glib and to port some of the big desktop applications to it (panel, nautilus, evolution, etc). walking away from this hackfest we should be in a spot where it is reasonable for other applications to port themselves.

2: gvariant (the type system on which dconf, gsettings, gdbus and other things are based) is almost entirely merged into glib. only one small part (parsing of text values) is outstanding. all other functionality is there as it will be in the next glib stable release. if you’re a present user of gvariant from the branch then please take a look at the master branch and make sure everything is as you expected — if you don’t say anything then this is what will become the official API.

i also did my first release of glib today (including the latest gvariant goodness). i think that was a good thing, although now i’m starting to have second thoughts…

12:24 <bratsche> desrt: Are you maintaining glib now or something?
12:25 <desrt> bratsche: no.  just helping a little.
12:25 <mclasen> bratsche: psst, he doesn't know yet