For some months (actually almost one year), I’m working on a mathml renderer based on gobject and cairo, with a DOM like interface. It has started as a vala experiment, but after a few weeks, after being blocked in my work by some bugs or missing features, I came back to raw gobject programming. Most of the vala bugs I’ve encountered are probably fixed by now, so it’s possible I’ll try to get back to vala one day.

The git repository is here:

which can be cloned using the following command:

git clone git://

It consists in a library, libgmathml, and a small rendering application, gmathmlrender, which is able to output to either PNG, PDF or SVG. In addition to mathml, gmathml also understand itex, by the mean of itex2mml (

For example, the following equation:

\left\langle {a + a \over x - a} | \epsilon_\Xi(a) \right\rangle = \left\{ \frac{1}{N} \sum_{i=0}^N \frac{x^i}{i!} + \Xi \int_0^x \epsilon_0(at) \, dt \right\}


Sample PNG output
Sample PNG output

The same using the PDF output.

Here’s the reference image, produced by latex:

Reference image
Reference image

The project is far from finished, but it’s almost in a usable state, so I’ll probably do a release soon.