Recording CDs with muine

Some days ago I wanted to burn a cd for a friend with a Juan Diego Florez recital. I didn’t want to do it manually, so I tried nautilus-cd-burner. As the code wasn’t there, I wrote a quick hack for it. Then I asked hadess about it, and the response was that there was code for it but it was removed because nautilus is not supposed to write other things than files. The correct place was rhythmbox. But as I use muine I tried to add support to it for burning cds with current playlist. As a quick hack (another!) I tried to modify muine gst_play wrapper class, but I failed to set up correctly the filesink. Today I got the code again and decided to write my own Recorder class. Now muine can burn a cd with you current playlist:

Now I need to do some boring stuff:

  • a dialog asking the user to insert a blank CD
  • add #ifdefs to player.h, because I only added support for gstreamer
  • rewrite the cd drive selection ui: Currently I’m using an GtkEntry for setting the drive path because I cannot use BaconCdSelection because GtkComboBox is not supported on Gtk# 1.0
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