Moving to London

I’m moving to London today. Yesterday we had a farewel party at home. Every time I do a party at home, I say “at 21:00”, and then everyone is coming at 23:00, always. This one began a bit quiet, but finally it became more noisy, and finally it was one of the most amazing and funniest in the year.

In the morning I began to play with nautilus-cd-burner to get the media size of a blank disc, to be able to warn the user if current data doesn’t fit. First, I did it in the easy way: “cdrecord -atip”. Then I began to play with the dvd_plus_rw_utils, and got it via MMC commands (I think it has been the first time reading a hardware specification after I worked on the matrox stuff). Also implemented the read/write speed guessing via MMC. The patch was for n-c-b, but I also adapted it and sent to hal, proposing a new property:volume.disc.size.

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