Vaya con Dios

A long long time ago (bah, one year and a half, this is not American Pie) I listened to a song that I loved. During six months I asked all my friends about it: “Dude, do you know that song… oh na na na?”. Google didn’t work. Finally I found it: Vaya con Dios “Nah Neh Nah”. I really love this song and I’ve played it in every party at my home, however I hadn’t listened to any other Vaya con Dios song. Finally I got “The very best of Vaya con Dios”, and I’m loving now “Puerto Rico” and “Johnny”

Two days ago, my friend Luis said to me that he used amsn instead of gaim just because with amsn he knows if he has blocked a contact and if a contact has removed him from his buddy list (usually that’s because has no interest on talking with him or has blocked him). So I’ve done it (gimping some ugly icons and fighthing with diff+patch to get the pngs in included). But the important thing about this is that my friend told me that after playing Trivial Pursuit and drinking some beer: he is not a hacker, he is a normal user and he has different needs from the software than hackes do have. Gaim developers tought that buddy icon support was not important and maybe it isn’t for hackers, but it’s for users, so please, listen to them instead of saying “using big buddy icons is lame”, “changing personal buddy icons 3 times per hour is insane”, “who wants to block users?”, etc… Here are the patches:

jfleck; Can you watch the Vuelta ciclista a Espa

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