My Top Ten GNOME questions

This is my random (and maybe flaming) list:

  • Why Red Hat is not making any Java-GNOME application? If they want to promote java as a platform for the linux desktop and bindings are stable, why not use them for their custom apps instead of pygtk?. Novell (and lot of more people) are doing cool .NET apps for Linux Desktops.
  • Why garnacho is not yet on p.g.o? (He should blog more frecuently)
  • Why GNOME people are not forking gaim?
  • Why Microsoft has delayed so much Longhorn?Maybe to allow Linux to get a decent market share?
  • Why all of us are not using Eclipse instead of Emacs or vi for developing GNOME?
  • Which one would be the killer UI Builder for GNOME, glade-3 or Gazpacho
  • Why we are not coding in scheme as the original GNOME Annouce said? (I’m puttig this one here just because I’m a dissaster with bookmarks)
  • Whould gnome-keyring-manager be included on GNOME 2.10? It’s on FC3!
  • Who will wear the pants at Stuttgard?
  • How many eastern eggs do we have in GNOME?If you answer with more than 4, you win the prize
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