Dear Three Wise Men

In Spain we have the ancient tradition during Xmas of children asking for presents to the Three Wise Men, instead of that ugly Coca Cola man. So here is my letter for the GNOME community:
Dear Three Wise Men
This year I’ve been a good boy, and I would like to ask for some presents for me a for my friends in the GNOME community:

  • for Alex, a new auction site run by google and two new Tintin albums
  • for acs, a Microsoft Project importer plugin
  • for Anders, the full Fraiser dvd collector set
  • for Andrew, some more pants
  • for Bastien, a portable dvd player
  • for Callum, some people to play cards with him
  • for ChipX86, ten hours more per day
  • for damien, an UTMS mobile phone, with videoconferencing
  • for DV, some more Spanish wine
  • for Dave Camp, of course, beer
  • for Elijah, a plane ticket for the next GUADEC
  • for Federico, a lisp binding for the entire GNOME
  • for Glynn a big mountain
  • for Havoc, new sun glasses
  • for jimmac a painting of Caravaggio
  • for Jimbob, a magic lamp to ask for real presents
  • for Jeff, an african tribal sign
  • for Joe, a cool-boy of the year title
  • for jrb another FileChooser coder
  • for jordi, el combat del somni
  • for Luis, some more monkeys
  • for mariano, a new vte maintainer
  • for Mark, a spam filter
  • for Michael, the full Star Trek dvd pack
  • for Miguel, lot of jamon serrano
  • for Murray, two new and trendy gtkmm applications
  • for Nat, a speech recognition engine written in C#
  • for Owen the Taiko books

  • for Rodrigo, a drive license
  • for sri, some ancient jazz recordings
  • for shaunm, help with help
  • for Tim a new cup
  • for the anonymous developers a full working IDE
  • for gtk+, a new druid widget
  • for libgnomeui, the eternal requiem
  • …and lot of love!

Congratulations to my friend Chus that is going to marry!

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