Random stuff

I’m working a lot, too much maybe. I got sick three times in three weeks, last one I went to ER and the doctor told me I needed to take a rest/hollydays, but the project I’m managing is in a critical phase and I cannot take it :(
I don’t have time for the things I used to do and my friends are complaining, telling me to leave my current job. I neither had time to make enough GNOME work, and my only visible work on 2.12 will be nautilus evince thumbnails and gnome-keyring-manager

Lately I’m listening to more jazz music and some flamenco. Recently discovered Bambino:

Also I have been fascinated with a single 800’s song: Groenlandia by the Zombies, a band led by Bernardo Bonezzi that now is a succesfull film music composer:

Also not enough time for watching movies: in the last months only Batman Begins, Episode III, Sostiene Pereira and Roman Hollydays

Without hollydays it’s dificult to travel, but I mamaged to do some weekends-trips:

  • Menorca: I went to this beautiful Belear island to visit my big friend Toni
  • Malaga/Granada: Visiting friends there: Alberto, Diego, Fran and Fred
  • Lanzarote: “my island”, visiting family

Night Life
Hotel California closed, what a pity!. It was a warm pub where listening cool rock music and playing chess.

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