Searching GNOME with Beagle

After two months of too much work(TM) (things like writing more than 4K LOC in a weekend), I got some spare time to hack on GNOME again. Today I updated my cvs copy of most of my stuff. When updating Beagle I noticed the addition of libbeagle. So I thought that it was good stuff(TM) and tried to port my old and ugly patch for searching files with locate inside GtkFileChooser to use Beagle instead of locate. So now it rocks, because I can search for the word Onirica and I can get all files related to it (OOo files containing that text, pictures with that title…):

Of course, this is not a good way to do the thing, just a local and custom patch. The real way will be using Federico’s GtkFileChooser Extension Interface when it get implemented. If you want to try the GtkFileChooser Beagle search hook patch you’d need gtk+ from gnome-28 branch and beagle from HEAD.
PS: Don’t try it with gedit, because the patch is ugly and just copies and old version of gedit_output_window.c code into gtk+, so you will get conflicts between different versions of the same functions.
PS2: Oh, I forget to metion that the only thing I hate of GtkFileChooser is that if you have a ssh:// uri bookmarked or in recent-files, every chooser dialog will try to connect to the remote host just for getting info about its parent (opening an ssh conection, asking for access to the gnome-keyring, etc…

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