Fon: The Revolution

I’m excited about fon: a nationwide semi-public WiFi network. The model is simple but brilliant:Everyone “subscribed” to fon (foneros) has an AP running an special software sharing its DSL connection. If you are sharing your connection for free you are a Linus and you can use any fon connection for free. If you want to get money for sharing your connection you are a Gates. Who is going to pay to Gates?aliens: non fon-people (usually tourists) that want a WiFi connection is a pre-paid way. The man behind this idea (and the company making this possible) is Martin Varsavsky, founder of two of the most important and innovative companies in Spain in the last years: Jazztel and They are building this (AP and network infrastructure) upon Free Software (do you remember that Linksys WRT54G with Linux? :) ). I’m going to be a Linus in fon, but what will be my main usage of fon network? My new nokia 770!!!. As I have connection at home (like every user in fon) I’ll be very insterested on connecting “outside”: a bar, waiting the bus, just checking cinema timetables in the street, etc… Conclusion:

  • Killer service for the nokia 770: fon
  • Killer gadget for fon: nokia 770

Another interesting point about fon is the way they are doing marketing: blogs.

In the other hand, I’m sick again. I always get sick on holydays (all saints this time). last year I went with some friends to Granada for some sky action and spend those 5 days of hollydays on bed. This time I’ve missed an opera I was very interested: Janacek’s Z Mrtveho Domu at Teatro Real

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