Mono summit in Madrid

Mono Summit in Madrid is approaching. Let me share with you some small and random tips&tricks about Madrid social-cultural life:
Art. If you are interested in art and paintings, you probably want to visit the 3 main musseums in the city:

  • Museo del Prado: Classical art, one of the most relevant Pinacothecas in the world. Could be a little bit crowled because the renovation and the nice exhibition about Velazquez
  • Museo Reina Sofia: Modern art, stuff like Picasso, Miro, Dali, Gris, etc… Also a very interesting building
  • Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza: small but perfect collection

Monuments. Madrid doesn’t have many relevant monuments like other cities in Spain (Toledo, Salamanca, Granada), but if you like them, you can visit Palacio Real, hang aroung Plaza Mayor, Puerta del Sol, etc…
Food. Spanish food is famous over the world, and of course in Madrid you can find almost every kind of nice food. You’d probably enjoy eating “tapas”, the location of the summit is a nice area for “tapas”, but also the very-close area “La Latina”. If you are looking for a very nice restaurant, I’d suggest you Casa Lucio for tipical spanish food (you’d need a reservation) and Kabuki for the best (about 60 EUR pp.) Sushi in town.
Going out. Welcome to Madrid, the city that never sleeps. If you want to enjoy Madrid night life just go the area that better matchs your musical tates: MalasaƱa if you like rock and underground music, Huertas for more commercial and posh pubs, La Latina if you are looking for a relaxed ambient and Chueca if you want to try out the gay night life.
Music. There is no opera performances at Teatro Real during the summit, that is a pity, and National Auditorium is closed until February, so not good chances for a nice classical music evening. About rock, the more relevant concert is the Boss on 25th but there are no more tickets availabe. You can check for more rock concerts. For jazz lovers there are hundred of concerts during the summit, in small venues/pubs, I’d suggest you Chano Dominguez at Clamores and Chucho Valdes in the same venue.
Shopping. For luxury brands you should check Barrio de Salamanca area around Calle Serrano. If you want more trendy clothes hang around Fuencarral street and Chueca. If you need want to buy some music or computer supplies the best option is fnac in Calle Preciados.
Sports. Real Madrid doesn’t play home during the summit, so your only option to watch spanish football (or soccer) is to visit Vicente Calderon stadium to watch Ateletico de Madrid in action.
If you have any question, specific interest about something in Madrid, drop me an email, fherrera at onirica dot com.

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