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Since last March I’m not working anymore al Novell. The good news is that I’m working back at my own company: Onirica:

We founded it about ten years ago and we had lot of nice experiences and projects related to Open Source technologies. Around 2004, as we were a quite small company, we decided to move on and get some experience working on others big companies. That’s how I worked at Tecsidel (where Carlos joined later), Nokia (with some really amazing guys, you know all of them) and Novell (with also lot of amazing people). Now I have decided to get back to Onirica, using all the experience we have adquired in our Open Source involvemnt to offer development, consulting and traning services. Currently we are working on a project with CENATIC designing and developing an “Open Source Desktop applications development” course. I’ll keep you soon updated about this exiting project.

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