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After some updates at, my blog stopped working. It was an old pybloxsom installation that I had to maintain myself and manually updating. In the last time comments were full of spam and had to move to disqus. So finally I created a new blog at, imported all the content but the comments and created an static copy of the old blog at with the old comments and a pointer to the new blog.

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  1. fherrera says:

    And comments wotks!

  2. Jean Brown-Harrell says:

    I have been searching the internet to find a way to get a comment to the “” people who created Gnome 3 and are trying to shove it down our throats. I love Gnome 2 and wish to keep it. However, it they INSIST on shoving Gnome 3 down our throats, then I will go to KDE, because I do NOT like Gnome 3…I HATE Gnome 3.

    Gnome 3 is what inspired me to abandon Gnome and to go over to KDE and XFCE. I love XFCE…it is what Gnome used to be when it was Gnome 2. can complain about Gnome 2, and make it obsolete, but I will NEVER accept Gnome 3.

    XFCE and KDE run pretty good…bye-bye Gnome 3.

  3. Jean Brown-Harrell says:

    Spelling correction: “However, if they INSIST on shoving Gnome 3 down our throats, then I will go to KDE, because I do NOT like Gnome 3…I HATE Gnome 3.”

  4. daniels says:

    Jean Brown-Harrell: I HATE your comment, and will NEVER accept that you INSIST on shoving it down my throat.

  5. Jean Brown-Harrell says:

    Whatever you think, that’s your business…but, when everybody abandons Gnome because of Gnome 3, then when you hear the crickets chirping, the only people left will be the people that created that trash called Gnome 3. KDE will be laughing up its sleeve, and so will XFCE, as they will have gotten all the droves of people that abandoned that trash Gnome 3.

    I originally tried KDE and thought it was OK…then I tried Gnome 2, I fell in love with it. It was EXACTLY the way I wanted a desktop…even better than KDE, which I liked. Then I tried XFCE, but it was NO Gnome 2…which was the best. Then I tried that trash called Gnome 3, and it made me SICK…so I immediately went to KDE, and also installed XFCE, just to be on the safe side. I was immediately relieved…both KDE and XFCE were what I liked.

    So, when Gnome is obsolete, gone, and forgotten, because the people that invented that trash Gnome 3 did not have any sense and tried to shove it down the throats of the users, who are just coming from Windoze and Micro$oft, then Micro$oft will be laughing up their sleeve also, because the users will head right back to Windoze and Micro$oft, or else they will go over to KDE, and XFCE.

    People are leaving in droves, from Ubuntu, because of this nonsense. You will see. I ALMOST went back to Windoze and Micro$oft…because of that Gnome 3 trash. I will NEVER accept Gnome 3…I will go back to Windoze and Micro$oft, before I will accept that trash called Gnome 3.

    KDE, and XFCE, here I come!!! Hooray for KDE and XFCE!!!

  6. daniels says:

    In case you missed my point: that’s your opinion. Obviously the people who made GNOME 3 and the people who like it (google it, they exist – including me, even though I’m not involved with GNOME) have the opposite opinion. I think KDE is borderline unusable, but I’m not going all over telling them what a shit job they’ve done and how they should be ashamed.

    Anyway, here’s two more in response: firstly, if you don’t like it, then don’t upgrade. And secondly, you do realise that Ubuntu doesn’t even ship GNOME 3, let alone use it by default? GNOME uses Unity, which is a completely different environment and nothing to do with either GNOME 2 or GNOME Shell.

    I’m going to go back to writing software now. I suggest you go back to doing something more productive than telling people who have given you software for free that they’ve done an awful job (so, pretty much anything else).

  7. Jean Brown-Harrell says:

    Actually, I have respect for them…I just think they had a failure in their judgement on what the public likes and wants. I just think that they should listen to the public on this one. Let them have that trash Gnome 3, but AT LEAST, allow the public to keep Gnome 2, if that is what the public wants. Myself, I want Gnome 2, or something like it, like XFCE, or KDE, if I have to.

    Gnome 2 is fantastic, but NOT Gnome 3. I figured maybe a failure in good judgement, or someone else is coercing them to shove Gnome 3 down the throats of an unsuspecting public. At least, leave the general public with Gnome 2, and allow them to have a chance. Gnome 2 is MUCH, MUCH BETTER than that trash Gnome 3.

    I, and a lot of other people, LOVE Gnome 2. I commend the genius who invented Gnome 2. It was a stroke of genius…whoever invented it. Gnome 2 is wonderful and I came to love it, and was very grateful to whoever the wonderful genius was, who created it. Not so with Gnome 3. It is AWFUL!!! Can’t the Gnome people come up with something better…something as GOOD as Gnome 2? Gnome 3 will NEVER be as good as Gnome 2. Gnome 2 wins hands down. Gnome 2 obsolete? Whoever said that nonsense…what drug were they smoking or drinking? Inconceivable that Gnome 2 is supposed to be obsolete…Gnome 3 obsolete and unnecessary, yes it is!!! No doubt about it. This is my OPINION, and my judgement is usually considered pretty good.

  8. fherrera says:

    Jean, if you think GNOME 2 is the best desktop ever, and you don’t like GNOME 3, just keep using GNOME 2 and don’t upgrade it never ever.

    It GNOME 2 is the best, it cannot be improved, so why do you update?

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