Transifex and PackageKit

I asked for translations a few days ago for the dameon, and got a fantastic response. Thanks go out to Vojtěch Smejkal, Piotr Drąg, Daniele Costarella, Marc-André Lureau, Arnout Lok, Alon Zakai, jcome, Lubomir Kundrak, Stephan Sachse and Javier Castro for all the new .po files.

I’ve also asked Dimitris Glezos to setup Transifex for translators to alternatively use. This is an “upstream” solution, as Transifex syncs with our private development server rather than putting a layer on top such as Launchpad translations. So I can update translations directly, or get people to use Transifex – it’s a win-win situation as far as the uni-lingual maintainer (me) is concerned.

I’ve been very impressed with Transifex so far, and it seems there are over 300 people willing to use it to translate various modules. You don’t need to use Fedora to use it, and seems to make doing translations pretty trivial.

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