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  1. manish yadav says:

    Sir I’m trying to make a collaborative editor for gnome. Its in wxpython and uses twisted protocol framework back end. I have submitted an application for this in Gnome but it doesn’t fit with the Gnome soc as I’m making a new text editor. Now I’m willing to work in making collaborative editor plugin for Gedit in pygtk and twisted. I am about to submit soc application for this. Is it possible to work on plugin as it seems it is being done and illustrated in blog here ? Please guide me.

  2. Brandon Liles says:


    I would love to be able to get the native gedit for os x working on my old ppc mac at work. I would use MacPorts, but we have a strict firewall at work and don’t have internet to directly to the desktop except for a (very) few sites.

    The mac is running leopard and I have the developer tools installed. Could you post or direct me to some instructions on how to compile the port?

    Maybe I’m dreaming but I figured I’d ask. Thanks.

    • Jesse van den Kieboom says:

      Hi Brandon,

      Unfortunately it’s very difficult to get the native port to compile. You are required to compile natively all its dependencies, and some need to be patched to work properly. I would love to compile a ppc version for you, but I don’t really know if and how I can do that on a intel mac. Do you maybe know if I can easily cross-compile for ppc? Please let me know and I’ll see what I can do.

    • Jesse van den Kieboom says:

      I just quickly checked, and it seems I should be able to quite easily make a universal package instead of intel only. I will investigate and see if I can get it to work. I’ll ask you to test it out once I’ve got something working.

  3. Dmitrij says:

    Hello there. I’m interested in the gconf patch you use to make gconf use GCONF_PREFIX. I’m also building a Mac OS X bundle and I don’t want to package dbus =)

  4. metalball says:

    Hey, i’m having isuues with the File Browser Plugin for Gedit,
    i can’t see some text files inside of a directory,
    for example, if a directory contains:

    so i can see only:
    demo.php and demo.css

    while the demo.ini file is missing.

    i’ve opened post in ubuntu forums about the issue, but no one could help me to figure it out. http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1659831

    i’d love to hear if there is a solution to the issue.

    best regards

  5. Tomas says:


    Im am a linux lover and have been liviing with linux as my desktop environment since the year of 1999. I have now bought my firts mac book pro, and was missing gedit heavilly….

    Thanks for the mac os x package of gedit, i must say that i hate the current text editor on mac, and this really saved my day!!

  6. Joe says:

    I am really exited about collaborative editing. I am also a comsi ish student. So, I would like to make a plugin for Netbeans that uses the libinfinity library to enable collaborative editing.
    I am confused on how to start exactly and I was hopping that is where you could help me out as you have done just that, but with Gedit. Really like your plug-in by the way.


  7. Joe says:

    I forgot to check the Notify me of follow up comments via e-mail last time.

  8. bcx says:

    Hey Jesse,

    Brilliant work on gitg! I would like to support your work. Have you got a amazon wishlist or something? Please send me an email when you do!


    • Jesse van den Kieboom says:

      Thanks! I really appreciate it, however it’s free both as in freedom of speech as free beer :) I’m sure there are better cause that could use some support!

  9. Prem says:

    I am searching for a way to copy my file created using gedit along with tis bookmarks to another system. Because whenever i copy the file to another machine which has gedit-plugins installed and “bookmarking” enabled ., still am not able to see my bookmarks..
    How to make it possible..I googled but couldnt find anything useful on this. please guide me how to do this and where exactly are these bookmarkings of file is stored.

  10. Danielle* says:

    Hee Jesse,

    ik kan je e-mailadres niet vinden.. dus dan maar even zo… Volgens mij is het tijd voor facebook.


  11. deltab says:

    Hi, thanks for your great work on gitg and gedit!

    A couple of things about the blog: the gitg screenshots have disappeared, and the gedit category is missing some entries.


  12. Andreas says:

    Hello Jesse,

    I love the gedit snippet plugin! Great Job!

    But I think it is a bit annoying to press CTRL+TAB every time I want to
    use a snippet.
    Is it possible to modify the snippet plugin so that it behaves similar
    to the gedit autocomplete plugin (I type the first 2 or 3 letters and
    the plugin checks if there is a snippet available and maybe show the
    dialog that would appear if i would press ctrl+space).

    Hope to hear from you,


    P.S.: I tried to send you a mail but it seems your site icecrew.nl is offline?!

    • Jesse van den Kieboom says:

      Hi Andreas,

      We tried at first to have snippets being auto completed, but found that this wasn’t a great user experience. Note that snippets are most commonly used with tab triggers, which means that you type a keyword for a specific snippet (see the manager) and press tab to activate the corresponding snippet.

  13. Andreas says:

    Hi Jesse,

    Tab does not work that well, because some words I have written are similar to the snippets and autocomplete gets in the way. Lets say I have a keyword ‘func’ and somewhere i got a file opened with a ‘functions’ when I type “func” and press tab instead of the func-snippet I got the autocompleted ‘function’.
    (so I use arrow-keys and RETURN instead of tab to autocomplete/snippets most of the time…)
    So how about a config dialog/file to change the behavior?
    If you give me a hint I might be able to hack something for myself, i have already taken a short look into the snippet-plugin code, but I do not have that much time to get deep enough into the code and find the right place where to modify the code.

  14. Michael T says:

    Update: I submitted a bug ticket on the GNOME bug tracker.

  15. Brian says:

    Goodday Jesse,

    I too have a problem with my NAS and was wondering if you could help me solve the problem, I have hooked the machine up to a TTL adaptor an i am using PUTTY when the device boots normally i get a different kind of message. I hope you can make any sense of it.

    md1: WARNING: sda2 appears to be on the same physical disk as sda1.
    True protection against single-disk failure might be compromised.
    raid1: raid set md1 active with 2 out of 2 mirrors
    md1: detected capacity change from 0 to 2047803392
    md: … autorun DONE.
    md1: unknown partition table
    kjournald starting. Commit interval 5 seconds
    EXT3-fs warning: maximal mount count reached, running e2fsck is recommended
    EXT3 FS on md1, internal journal
    EXT3-fs: recovery complete.
    EXT3-fs: mounted filesystem with ordered data mode.
    VFS: Mounted root (ext3 filesystem) on device 9:1.
    Freeing unused kernel memory: 448k init
    init has generated signal 11 but has no handler for it
    Kernel panic – not syncing: Attempted to kill init!
    Rebooting in 180 seconds..

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