GTK+ and GSoC

I’d like to share some exciting new about GTK+ development.

In short: GTK+ master branch:  Development towards 3.0 !! 🙂

Mathias Clasen has been merged the gtk-2-90 branch. This branch has been used to prepare a lot of the deprecation removal, etc, for 3.0.

So we have now:

  • gtk-2-20: the usual stable branch
  • gtk-2-22: special branch that will only pick up remaining accessors that are needed to make GTK+ 2.x users build with GSEAL and get them ready to work with 3.x (no new features)
  • master: Development towards GTK+ 3.0 with new features 🙂

More information of the actual status of the GTK+ branches in this mail on gtk-devel-list.

Also, I’m very exciting to announce that I’ve been accepted in this year GSoC (you can see my application here), so I can help GTK+ devels in the GTK+3 transition tasks.

Thanks to the GNOME people for accept my application!

Also, thanks to GTK+ devels for their help (and their patience sometimes ;)), specially to Carlos Garnacho to be my mentor 😉

The fun begins!