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Hello! I’m Javier Jardón Cabezas. Known on IRC as jjardon.

I’m a recently GNOME contributor and GNOME foundation member. I’ve started in the Bugsquad team with the help of Andre, who deserves a medal for answering all my newbie questions. Then I moved to GnomeGoals stuff to clean the Desktop for the GNOME 3.0 release (with the invaluable help of fredp graphs ;)). Now, I’m interested in GTK+ and GTK+3 development.

Currently I’m also part of the GNOME Release Team.

I’m from Vigo, Spain. I can speak Spanish and English, but I need to improve it ;).

You can find me on IRC on #bugs, #gnome-love, #gnome-hackers, #gtk or contact me via email: jjardon AT gnome DOT org.

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