Shotwell 0.5.0 released

Yorba has released Shotwell 0.5.0, a major update to our digital photo manager.  This release includes a host of new features, including:

* Photos can be tagged and organized by tag, creating a new tool for managing your photo collection
* Printing
* Photos can be published to Google’s Picasa Web Albums service
* Photo exposure date and time can be set and shifted
* Photos can be set as your desktop background directly from Shotwell
* Photo import runs in the background, making imports smoother and more fluid
* Publishing photos to web services is more responsive
* New or updated language support for French, Italian, German, Simplified Chinese, Bulgarian, Danish, Dutch, Estonian, Polish, and Portuguese.
* Other stability and performance improvements

We highly recommend that all Shotwell users upgrade.

Yorba would like to thank all of our bug testers and translators, without whom this release would not have been possible. We’d like to specially thank Martin Olsson, for his rigorous testing of Shotwell 0.5, and Kaj-Ivar van der Wijst, for his stylish redesign of the Yorba website.

We’d also like to think our friends at Red Hat for making Shotwell the default photo manager in Fedora 13 alpha!

You can download a source tarball from the Shotwell home page at:

or grab a binary for Ubuntu Karmic or Lucid via Yorba’s Launchpad PPA at:

26 thoughts on “Shotwell 0.5.0 released”

  1. kudos & Thnx for the picasa publishing…
    tag support makes it complete for me to use as default and will no longer miss outdated picasa desktop client

  2. Hi all,
    just wanted to let you know: I put shotwell 0.5.0 in gentoo’s sunrise overlay.
    you might want to mention that on your website – whoever uses gentoo and is interested in trying shotwell just needs to add the sunrise overlay (usually via layman), like so:
    emerge layman
    layman -a sunrise
    emerge shotwell
    If you could provide me with version updates i’d be happy to also update the ebuild accordingly
    PS: i tried to send an email about this to but got:
    Delivery to the following recipient failed permanently:
    Technical details of permanent failure:
    Message rejected. Please visit to review our Bulk Email Senders Guidelines.

  3. Best image viewer since long.
    Only thing that keeps me buggering atm is the missing inotify watch on the doc/images dir. It be nice if shotwell would add those newly imported fotos. (They could be just copyied over or whatever).
    Ps Please migrate from svn to git. A svn repo checkout is discouraging these days..

  4. P.P.S. uploading to flickr went well, with those minor details:
    * tags not propagated to flickr
    * upload box stays around after upload is done waiting for a close click.
    looking forward to the next release 😀

  5. Hey thanks a lot for making Shotwell! Just found it today in Gentoo’s portage, and I didn’t like F-Spot or Digikam. I love it! It’s fast, it’s simple, it’s clean!
    If there’s only 1 feature that I’m missing to make it perfect for me, it’s hierarchical tags… It’s one thing f-spot did that I liked.
    I know you’re at version 0.5, so you probably have a lot more features ahead of you. But it’s awesome so far, and I will be trying out every new version that makes it to the Gentoo portage tree.
    Kudos on a VERY well done simple and efficient software!

  6. I do want to wants to get ride of Mono f-Sport (Ubuntu Linux here). Soon, I hope…
    Shotwell does not allow to tag or mark favorite photos in full screen (major drawback).
    It lacks a F9 to remove the left frame.
    The down icons are ugly and too invasive for my taste. Toggle them on/off please.
    I need more shortcuts
    I need a staring system to quickly select rolls of hundred of pics:
    1 star: trash
    2 stars: re-select
    3: stars: keep
    then sort all the 1 stars and Del them; then sort all the 2 stars and give them a second look (or something like this)
    But anyway keep up the good work.

  7. what about raw?
    thats a basic feature that a photomanager needs.
    basic for me so i can switch from f-spot!

  8. Really like this app. I’m trying to get away from Picasa and this is the best bet I’ve seen so far. Digikam is too cumbersome and f-spot is frankly unusable.
    The event view is excellent and simple to use – merging events, renaming etc.
    However, I have 9 years of photos already arranged on my filesystem by event (each folder is an event), and it would be nice if it was possible to have an option to derive the event from the folder the photos are in (perferably on import). i.e. I have all pics from a holiday in one folder but the event viewer will separate them into different events by date by default. It would be really nice if it could use the folder instead (as an option, of course, not evenyone arranges their pics like me!).
    I like the simple adjustments, perfect for the kind of thing a photo organiser should be able to do. Though it would be useful if you could darken highlights as well as brighten shadows (something that Picasa doesn’t do, and it really bugs me). And red eye is fine, but if you could draw the circle manually rather than move it from a starting point would make it even quicker too.
    One final thing! It would be good to be able to zoom in to the picture as well, at the moment it just displays as big as it can in the window.
    There! I appreciate that this is just version 0.5 but just thought I’d get these down in case you were considering feature requests.

  9. Jim,
    thanks for the quick response, and good to know that my wishes are already in hand!
    I hope that the folder view works much like the event view. I really like the event key photo idea. Makes it very easy to navigate a large number of events.
    While I’m here I guess I should mention that something odd happened when I imported. The pictures all imported fine, but only about 30% of them were put into events for some reason. So I have vents from 2010-2008 and then from 2003-2001, but nothing in between for some reason.
    There doesn’t seem to be any way to fix this except to manually create the events myself which, as you can imagine will take some time.
    Any ideas? I’d rather not wipe everything, as I’ve spent some time naming the events that were created.
    I realise that this isn’t really a support forum, but any help is appreciated!

  10. That is odd. Events are created by examining the photo’s exposure time, which is stored as metadata inside the photo (not the photo’s modification time, which is from the filesystem).
    You can use the exiv2 tool to examine the exposure time of a photo. If you find one that has an exposure but was not assigned to an event, we would definitely like to know. Our Shotwell tickets are here: Feel free to submit new tickets as you discover issues!

  11. Thanks Jim, I’ve added a ticket, as suggested.
    I can say though that the metadata in the photos is correct because I can manually create an event from the picture (all of which were imported into the main view) and it creates the event at the correct point.
    It just looks as though the import didn’t create all the events.

  12. Congrats on shotwell being named the default photo manager for Ubuntu 10.10! Keep up the good work.
    One issue I have with Shotwell is that it does not remember where you were last browsing your photos from. For example, I would rather shotwell open to events than photos, but every time I start it up I am taken to the photos section. It would be great if shotwell remembered where you were during your last session. Other than that, I am loving shotwell and will continue to use it for photo management.

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