10 thoughts on “Dinner with Yorba”

  1. hey! Good appetite!
    i’ve compiled fillmore and lombard on my ubuntu lucid 64bit.
    I’ve got no words to describe your work.
    “wonderful” is reductive..
    the integration is spectacular, the programs are fast and light and they works good.
    good luck for future development!

  2. You people are making me hungry! 🙂
    On my Ubuntu 10.04 just added the Launchpad PPA for Shotwell, so easy, and installed. Shotwell is excellant. Well done!
    I’m hearing that Shotwell will be default in Ubuntu 10.10, and it’s about time.
    Any chance of making a decent music/video player with full working ability with iPods?

  3. Zac, thanks for the kind words about Shotwell. Yorba is not working on a music/video player, but the good news is that Rhythmbox is slowly gaining better iPod support. The trunk build of Rhythmbox can now sync songs to an iPod, so this capability should be available in the next Rhythmbox release.

  4. Hi — saw that Fedora 13 uses this instead of gThumb. Curious, I installed it. Tried to import stuff from a folder full of jpg files. Shotwell greyed them all out! So…how does one import files to Shotwell?

  5. I’m not sure what you mean, it grayed them out. Do you mean in Shotwell itself they were grayed out, or in the file chooser? Could you give me more information about this?
    — Jim

  6. I started Shotwell, selected Import from folder, navigated to my folder which has a bunch of jpgs, then wanted to select a few (just for testing). However, I was unable to select any at all. The file names appeared in light grey and were not selectable.
    Oh, now I see, it selects everything from the folder! My bad, I missed that.

  7. Yes — File -> Import From Folder does just that. If you want to import only selected files, drag-and-drop works great.
    I hope you find Shotwell to your liking!
    — Jim

  8. No png support? I tried to drag-n-drop a png file into shotwell and it told me that the file type was unsupported.

  9. Hi — I found I couldn’t import a png file into Shotwell. It told me it was not supported. Any chance of getting this added?

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