Shotwell 0.7 Released!

Yorba has released Shotwell 0.7.0, a major update to our digital photo manager. This release includes a host of new features, such as:
  • Migration support for F-Spot users: Shotwell can import photos directly from your F-Spot library, preserving tags and ratings.
  • Photos can be rated on a 1-5 star scale or marked as rejected. A filter button supports viewing only photos of a specified rating or better.
  • A new Last Import page in the sidebar gives you instant access to your most recently imported photo roll.
  • Sidebar functionality and appearance have been improved with new icons and inline renaming.
  • Numerous bug fixes and translation updates.
We highly recommend that all Shotwell users upgrade.
Yorba would like to thank all of our bug testers and translators, without whom this release would not have been possible.
You can download a source tarball from the Shotwell home page.
Binaries for Ubuntu Lucid and Maverick users will be available on Yorba’s Launchpad PPA within a few days.

14 thoughts on “Shotwell 0.7 Released!”

  1. I haven’t used Shotwell with the recent updates. I gave it a try when it was 0.2 or 0.3. Though I liked it, I couldn’t continue using it because of one issue. It didn’t automatically add the photos to it’s list if the photos are manually copied from the SD card to the Photos directory. Picasa updates it’s album list automatically. Do you know if the feature is part of Shotwell now?

  2. Looks like a nice app except for one blaring fault. I can’t import photos without them being copied. EPIC FAIL.
    I have my photos organized on disk already why would I want an extra copy of them?
    Good work though people, kudos on your effort and hope you can solve this show stopper.

  3. Hi George, when you import, a dialog pops up asking whether you want to link to the photos or copy them to central place. I always choose link and the physical photo is not copied. (Admittedly, I have not tried this with the F-Spot import) I have over 40K photos and I find the app works very nicely. Used to use F-Spot up to a few months ago, but changed over fully now.

  4. Hi Dr. X,
    When you say you can’t import do you mean from your digital camera or from the filesystem or both? Do any error messages appear?
    If you’re having trouble importing you’re welcome to file a bug report describing the problem at
    Thanks for your interest in Shotwell!

  5. I am running lucid lynx 10.04 and installed shotwell but i cannot highlite a picture and send it my e-mail program. Is this bfeature unavalable now and will it be later on. thanks Ed

  6. What version of shotwell will the email photo feature be added to. Do you have a rough estimate on the date of the release?

  7. Hi David,
    The ticket is currently marked as high, which means that the feature is likely to make either of the next two releases of Shotwell, so it should appear within the next six to eight months. If you’re a programmer and would like to submit a patch to implement the feature sooner, we warmly invite you to do so!

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