Shotwell 0.13.0 Released!

Yorba has just released Shotwell Thirteen,
And in so doing, has hopefully made
An already venerable product sheen,
And with the users, helped make the grade.

Among the fixes, enhancements plenty:
Now hide details from who shouldn’t see ’em,
Post photos to Tumblr, share them with many,
Visibly straighten’d, no need to degree ’em.

Thumbnails, once lost, return upon startup,
Picasa logins are more secure now.
Rework’d old dates helps you sort your art up
From early last cent’ry up to here/now.

There’s much more, yes, but for brevity’s sake
It’s unspoken here, and left to enjoy.
The code is now posted; please stop and take,
And for your images, Shotwell, employ.

Getting Shotwell:
* (tarball and instructions for building from source)
* (Ubuntu Precise Pangolin PPA)
* Ubuntu Quantal Quetzal users should receive this through their OS vendor’s daily update mechanism shortly.

7 thoughts on “Shotwell 0.13.0 Released!”

    1. Yes! It’s a summer of code project, so most of the progress has been made over the past couple of summers.

      There’s some info about the status of the project here.

  1. I’ve found a major bug in shotwell release 0.13!

    Yesterday I upgraded to the new version 0.13 but support for legacy formats such as JPEG seems to be still available. For me the main reason for upgrading shotwell to release 0.13 was loosing support for JPEG! But my JPEGs haven’t been converted to the lossless DNG format.

    Is there already a fix available for this problem?


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