Shotwell 0.14 released

The Shotwell programmers, with plenty elation,
Present to you all our fourteenth iteration.

Among the tasks on which we’ve made movement,
Here are some highlighted bits of improvement:

If you shoot in raw, you’ll like it much better now –
It’s smarter at keeping paired images together now.

If something should happen and importing fails,
we’ve better reporting and can save the details.

For Facebook, the app has been Graph API‘d,
And now lists your image folders on the left side.

The slideshow’s enhanced with several new types
Of circular, checkboardular, nifty new wipes.

Along with all this come many bugs fixed,
UI nits squashed and glitches – now nixed.

It’s the very best Shotwell there ever has been –
Go on, download it, give it a spin!

Update for Precise users:
Ubuntu Precise users take heed
of a warning of significant importance indeed.

The Yorba PPA requests for software
that your apt-get may not yet be aware.

Add the GStreamer PPA to your repositories
and refresh the list of your package inventories.

Now Shotwell 0.14 is ready to be had!
Though one may wish to install gstreamer plugins “ugly” and “bad.”

11 thoughts on “Shotwell 0.14 released”

  1. Glad to see the raw problems addressed, especially that the default developer is set to camera now.
    I am however still hoping for an option to tag faces on photos, that’s the only big thing left that I am missing from Shotwell. It does not even require automatic face recognition, just the option to tag them manually.

    1. Hi Silwol,

      Unfortunately, faces didn’t make this version either, and we do apologize for the wait, but it is still very much alive; in fact, there are a pair of patches for it up for review now.

      Naturally, we can’t promise a ship date, but I can tell you that this is something both the team, the original coder and users such as yourself all want, and we’ll be thinking about this as we start to set priorities for the future.

  2. Hi all,

    thanks for nice piece of software! But, I have little problem with install it in Ubuntu Precise. There is (14.0) libgstreamer1 dependency, but this package is not in repositories. Is it only my problem?


    1. I’ve updated the post with Precise-specific instructions.

      (For a less poetic version, just add ppa:gstreamer-developers/ppa to your system.)

    1. Hi Yann,
      Unfortunately, we didn’t get a chance to address any of the problems surrounding shared libraries in this release, although it’s something we’d like to tackle eventually – once we start thinking about features that need to be addressed for 0.15, I’ll definitely bring this up with the rest of the team.

      It seems like the ideal way to deal with this would be to have as much of the data we currently store in the DB get written back to the photos as well, to the point where, were the DB to become lost or corrupted, the app could essentially play back everything that had happened to the photos up to that point, which, in addition to leading to increased robustness and slightly easier backing up of one’s library, would make sharing easier too – simply give someone a URI, or for that matter, a thumb drive full of images, and let them have at it without worrying about copying over the DB, adding unusual user permissions, etc. In reality, there are some hurdles that would need to be leapt before we could migrate to this kind of a model, but it’s definitely come up in conversations here before…

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