Geary funding campaign is live on IndieGoGo! Donate today

geary-192x192A couple of weeks ago, I told you we were working on a crowdfunding project for Geary:

We hope that a successful campaign will demonstrate that crowdfunding is a sustainable model for other projects to follow. Many of those projects have historically relied upon corporate sponsorship. Crowdfunding brings with it an independence that these other revenue models lack. It allows us to continue to operate independently and build the features you, the community, really want to see.

Well, that day has arrived.  Our IndieGoGo project is now live and ready to accept your donations!  Please take a look and consider contributing.  We need your donations to continue working on Geary and making a great application you can use day-to-day for all your email needs.

Here’s a nifty video we put together explaining what we’re trying to do:

We need to spread the word and get out the news.  Please share the campaign with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and your favorite open-source forums.  And if you see mention of the campaign on news sites, please upvote or share it — every little bit really does help.

Thank you for supporting us.  We can’t do this without you!

3 thoughts on “Geary funding campaign is live on IndieGoGo! Donate today”

  1. I donated, and would very much like to see Geary becoming a great mail client, we need one!

    I am surprised that I didn’t see the campaing advertised on blogs talking about Ubuntu (not that I use the distribution myself, but I guess that many people read those and it might be a good “ad vehicle”). Just my suggestion 🙂

    Hope the funding is successful, and please keep on coding, you guys rock!

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