Geary 0.3.1 released

Geary We at Yorba are pleased to announce Geary 0.3.1, a maintenance release for Geary 0.3. This version includes the following fixes:

  • Reduced CPU and memory footprint
  • Account dialog bugs fixed
  • Stability improvements

Download the Geary 0.3.1 source here. Build instructions are over at the Geary wiki.

Ubuntu Precise and Quantal users can find packages in our PPA.

Geary’s development is supported by donations. Do you like Geary? Want to see this project continue? Please consider making a donation at our IndieGoGo fundraiser. We can’t do it without your help!

2 thoughts on “Geary 0.3.1 released”

  1. in Version 2.x I was able to use my account with Geary. since Version 3.0 im unable to get it work. I always get the error IMAP connection error.

    May you guys can help me.

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