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Jim Nelson - CC BY-SA 3.0

Yorba recently received funding from Adam Dingle toward fixing a smorgasbord of bugs in the GNOME ecosphere — from gedit to Epiphany to Nautilus to GTK, and more.  The quantity of tickets (over fifty!) and the breadth of the applications they covered meant we needed to find someone with a particular affinity for the depths of GTK and GObject.  Fortunately, we found such a person in Garrett Regier, who’s been doing a smash-up job the past few weeks knocking down these particularly aggravating bugs.

To give a taste of some of the fine work Garrett’s been up to:

As you can see, most of these so far are annoyances, but long-standing annoyances that can make the user feel there’s something not quite right.  Some were down-right maddening.  Consider the over-enthusiastic file chooser bug.  As time went on, its reporter “trained” himself to work around it.

Garrett is still at work on Adam’s list and so more fixes should be dropping soon.  In addition, we’ve asked Garrett to start working on larger projects, including a Find in All Files gedit plugin that should be more stable and easier to use than the currently existing alternatives.  Stay tuned!


9 thoughts on “Recent GNOME work you might be interested in”

  1. Really nice to hear ! Is it possible to set up a common fund for such tasks ? I would definitely love to donate to GNOME devs willing to do some bugfixing… I donate to GNOME but it’s not used for this purpose.

    Cheers !

    1. If there was enough interest and people were willing to commit a sufficient amount of money, then it might be worthwhile to organize such a fund. But I suspect people would want to fund their pet bugs, and it would start to look like a bounty program, which has been less than successful in the past. Dave Neary wrote a great summary of such problems with GIMP:

  2. displaying the location for search results in nautilus is super useful and needed, however it seems the bug is only fixed for the list view display, which is not the default one.
    i guess in icon view there could be some grouping by folder, but if there are many folders it could be distracting, a simpler way would be that in case there are several matches with the same name the folder name is added in brackets:

    name (folder1) / name (folder2)

    but yes all of these things are progress, and progress is good 🙂

  3. How long will this Dingle-Regier tour de force continue? Bounties might be bad, but what if we just you guys to keep going until 3.10.1? Please provide an estimate and a way to donate. Thanks for being so f…… Awesome. You just made Nautilus 10% better.

  4. Good article and good lessons learned, but will you try again now that we’re all a little more educated on the need?

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